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Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule”

In 1979, we created the first capsule bed in the world using the manufacturing technologies that we have continuously fostered since our inception. During the 40 years since, we have installed capsule beds not only in accommodation facilities but also in nap rooms of workplaces where employees work around the clock and various other facilities across Japan. We have created environments where people can rest comfortably within limited space and time.
From the Birth of the Sleep Capsule to the Present

Photo : Capsule Inn Osaka (1979)

What inspired us to manufacture the capsule bed was “The Capsule House” designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa and presented at the 1970 Osaka Expo venue. Upon seeing this, Yukio Nakano from NEW JAPAN CO.,LTD. took an interest and opened capsule hotel “Capsule Inn Osaka”. The company Kotobuki ( now Kotobuki Seating Co., Ltd. ) manufactured the capsule beds in this hotel.

This capsule hotel became very popular for its capsule-shaped beds that condensed all necessary features into a small space and spread across the country. Capsule beds also came to be used in nap rooms of workplaces where employees work around the clock and gained name recognition. Their popularity waned momentarily, but they are attracting attention again as a result of refreshed designs and materials.

Environmentally Friendly Panel Assembly Capsule Beds with Excellent Functionality and Cost Performance

Heat Insulation

To be prepared for the off chance that there is a fire, the materials are fire-resistant or incombustible. In order to prevent fires from spreading among capsule beds, the curtains and rolling screens at the entrance of capsule beds have also been flame-proofed.


The beds are sturdy and scratch-resistant, as they are made of aluminum and steel. The anodized aluminum finish prevents deterioration by oxidizing and protecting the surface of the aluminum materials.

Sound Insulation

Sounds from neighboring capsule beds are absorbed by the cushioning materials within the panels, as well as the mattresses and futons. Users can sleep comfortably without worrying about ambient noise.


These beds can be freely transported anywhere with enough space for a person to pass. As long as there is space for assembly, the beds can be smoothly stored and set up in existing buildings and nap rooms that have small entrances. Compared to FRP beds that have to be transported in their finished form, transportation costs are significantly lower. These beds can also be recycled when they are no longer needed.

Easy maintenance

The aluminum resin panels have smooth surfaces without any irregularities, making them resistant to scratches and stains. Minor stains can simply be wiped off. Excluding light bulbs and other consumable items, there is hardly any need for maintenance.

Wide Variety
Regarding the shapes of the capsule beds, there are front entry beds that have their entrance set up perpendicularly to the direction of the sleeping body and side entry beds that have their entrance set up parallel to the sleeping body. Front entry beds can be laid out efficiently, while side entry beds are easy to enter and exit. Depending on the placement and combinations, various types of spaces can be optimized, and there can be hierarchies of types of beds at capsule hotels.

Front entry / Layout : Tandem

Many capsule beds can be placed in tight spaces.

Side entry / Layout : Tandem

Wide entries make it easier to enter and exit the beds.

Side entry / Layout : Individual

The entries are laid out alternately at the center of the room to provide private spaces.

Why People Choose Kotobuki Sleep Capsule
We provide advice regarding various requests depending on the needs and the budget. Examples of the advice we provide include the possibility of certain layouts, the optimal bed types and layouts, how to start a capsule hotel, how to increase revenue, efficient layouts based on the size of the room, and how to create shared spaces without reducing the number of dorms or boarding houses. We provide comprehensive support from the project planning stages to design, completion, and post-completion maintenance.

Thorough Quality Control for Safety and Reliability

The environment is important for comfortable sleep. Kotobuki Sleep Capsule are made of smooth panels without any irregularities and have as little protrusions as necessary in order to prevent accidents and injuries inside. The panels have been certified as noncombustible by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.


Design that Attracts Attention Outside of Japan

We have manufactured capsule beds for popular capsule hotels, such as “nine hours,” which stands out for its neo-futuristic design resembling a spaceship, and “THE LODGE MOIWA 834” in Niseko, Hokkaido that attracts skiers from around the world. We have also made capsule beds for projects outside of Japan, such as an office nap room for Hyundai Card, a major credit card company in Korea, and a passenger ferry for Stena Line from Sweden. We have a framework for overseas expansion, as there are our group companies in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and various other locations around the world.

Photo : nine hours Narita Airport
Photo_Nacasa & PartnersDesigned_Fumie ShibataIdentity and Signage_Hiromura Design OfficeInterior_Takaaki Nakamura

Proven Track Record of 40,000 Beds for Capsule Hotels and 20,000 Beds for Nap Rooms

We have installed over 60,000 capsule beds to date. In addition to capsule hotels, we have installed capsule beds in the nap rooms of various companies with 24-hour staffing, such as police stations, fire stations, the Japan Coast Guard, the Ministry of Defense in Japan, trucking and taxi companies, railway companies, newspaper offices, TV stations, airports, hospitals, electric and gas companies, telecommunications companies, and financial and insurance companies. We are able to provide appropriate advice on what is and is not possible, based on our varied and proven track record.

Hands-on Show Room with Widespread Media Coverage

You can experience every type of capsule bed product we have to offer at the show room in our headquarters. It offers a relaxing space that has been covered by TV, newspaper, and various other media outlets. Highly-experienced staff members introduce products that are appropriate for your needs. Reservations are required.

For Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are mainly popular among tourists and the youth. Panel assembly capsule beds allow existing buildings to be converted into a new capsule hotel business. We comprehensively support these major business opportunities from product selection to layout planning to operational insight.
For Nap room, Dormitory
In order to improve work efficiency and quality of life, high-quality sleep is essential. Capsule beds allow users to easily access a private space and sleep comfortably without being affected by ambient light and noise. They are optimal for nap rooms at workplaces with 24-hour staffing, dorms, boarding houses, and training camps for technical training. Installation is easy for existing facilities as well.