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Kotobuki Releases Sleep Capsule for Firefighters

Featured on Canadian Firefighter 09/08/2020

“Traditionally, fire stations feature a large dormitory—one furnished with individual beds, bunk beds, or wall (Murphy) beds but these traditional setups have led some of our most essential workers to develop life-altering sleep deficiencies. Studies show that 37 per cent of firefighters are at high risk for a common sleep disorder—those with sleep disorders are more than twice as likely to have a motor vehicle crash, cardiovascular disease and diabetes and more than three times as likely to have depression or anxiety.

In response, Kotobuki has launched a new Sleep Capsule to counter these issues for firefighters.
Distributed by Interkal in the U.S., the Kotobuki Sleep Capsule has been used in a variety of sectors outside of the hospitality industry to provide a peaceful and private sleep sanctuary at work. It allows for a fully customizable appearance and a wide range of accompanying accessories and features for at-work sleep stations.

It also provides privacy, blackout shades, and gentle light-based alarm systems that will not wake sleeping coworkers”.

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