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The Easy Glide desk is the perfect complement to have in multipurpose spaces that can also be used as classrooms. The Easy Glide desk system is a compact and safe product, designed to provide the user with a large, stable and very rigid work surface.
It comes in single, 2 and 3-seater modules, with front modesty panel. The tables can be stored in a very small space. The design of the base feet allows them to be nested together so that, when folded, each table only requires 14 cm of depth for storage.
The structure of the table is composed of 2 floor support feet with high resistance anti-slip blocks, 2 pedestals, and mechanisms for the support and folding of the writing table.
The writing top is made of particleboard coated on both sides with melamine and with rounded edges finished in PVC. The front modesty panel is made of polypropylene.
This table integrates 2 mechanisms. One for folding the writing surface and the other for activating the castors.
The first mechanism is equipped with a lever which, when activated, raises the feet and allows the 2 wheels incorporated in each feet to come into contact with the floor. This allows the table to be moved without having to fold the writing desk, facilitating, as necessary, a change to the configuration of the space, without having to remove any surface work materials.
The second mechanism is equipped with another lever. It unblocks the table top and allows it to fold forward in a single movement. This motion moves the front modesty, to place under the writing table top, when it is folded.

Due to its design, this is a very versatile product that can be used in an infinite number of spaces where a mobile and multipurpose work table is needed. Its translation system through the wheels allows to move the tables in a grouped together fashion. This feature facilitates the transport, to the storage area or used in another space.

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