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Multipurpose venues

Solutions to optimise the use of space

Seats and mobile seating systems for multifunctional spaces. 

KOTOBUKI developed the first telescopic platform in the early 1950s, when multipurpose spaces first became popular, especially in Japan. Today, we can say that technical seating solutions for multi-purpose spaces are the future for theatres and conference halls.

KOTOBUKI SEATING INTERNATIONAL offers the most creative solutions with absolutely proven systems. This allows for increased profitability in the use of the space and raises sustainable awareness in within the architectural community. Whether classical theatre layouts, exhibition spaces, catered events, conferences, breakout rooms, concerts… All in the same space, because multifunctionality, profitability and comfort equals sustainability.

At KOTOBUKI SEATING INTERNATIONAL we have a specialized workforce including sales and technical support who advise our clients throughout the design process and subsequent manufacture and installation, working hand in hand with stakeholders to provide a solution for any approach.

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