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The standard telescopic platforms are the most common version of this type of mobile system, and are ideal for spaces where the free height is considerable.

Telescopic platforms formed by steel structures that support independent platforms at different levels. Designed to be folded one on top of the other, the platforms slide automatically, and have the necessary space to place the folded seat inside them, forming a compact structure which, when folded, allows for open-plan rooms.
It is ideal for use in all types of spaces in arenas, auditoriums, theatres, schools and universities. Its design, characteristics and ease of use make it a product that, with minimum maintenance, offers high durability.

RCS (Fully automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rcs.html
RSP (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rsp.html
TX – (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://kotobuki-international.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/TX-1.pdf 

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