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This solution is ideal for any type of room geometry. As the focus point is at the centre of the stage, the configuration of these platforms helps to aim at this point.
The polygonal platform has the advantages of a curved platform and the simplicity of a conventional one. It functions in exactly the same way, in its folding and folding and unfolding, like a standard telescopic platform. However, it is also possible for a double platform telescopic platform to be polygonal, as this feature only affects the shape of its platforms, not their functionality.

RCS (Fully automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rcs.html
RSP (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rsp.html
TX – (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://kotobuki-international.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/TX-1.pdf 

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