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This type of solution is used with a standard or double telescopic platform, so that the module is aligned with the wall on which it is stored when folded. This type of telescopic platform allows movement on one axis: forwards and backwards, by means of external motors or other elements.

In this way, its position is adjusted until it is perfectly stored and in accordance with the room.
This solution is used when there is a need to minimize the visual impact of the telescopic platform within a room, and is normally designed and manufactured with the same finish, in order to go unnoticed.

RCS (Fully automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rcs.html
RSP (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rsp.html
TX – (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://kotobuki-international.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/TX-1.pdf 


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