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This solution is ideal for any type of room geometry (square, round, etc.). Since the focus point is at the centre of the stage, the configuration of these platforms helps to aim at this point.

The curved platform has the advantages of a classic curved platform and the simplicity of a conventional one. Functioning exactly the same, in its folding and
unfolding, as a single telescopic platform, the individual folding seat allows us to generate the curve with greater precision.
Moreover, in this case all the platforms have the same shape, so that when folded they are aligned, offering a more aesthetic result. The minimum radius of the curved platforms is 20 metres. The seats are folded individually, thus adapting better to the curve.
In a classic theatre and in a square-shaped multipurpose hall, the curved platforms fit perfectly into the space, enhancing the overall experience.

RCS (Fully automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rcs.html
RSP (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://www.kotobuki-seating.co.jp/en/retractable_seating/rsp.html
TX – (Semi-automatic telescopic seating system) – https://kotobuki-international.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/TX-1.pdf 

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