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Seat for classrooms in schools and universities, versatile in all its aspects. Compact folding seat with elegant and minimalist shapes, equipped with a comfortable fully upholstered seat and a curved backrest, also upholstered, which allows the user to always adopt a correct posture when seated, providing a high level of comfort.

With the addition of the Wrimatic™ writing stand, the LT310 is a very good alternative to other seating concepts for schools and universities, as Wrimatic™ provides the user with a large and rigid 300 x 425 mm work surface that allows the use of laptops and tablets in a very comfortable way. It is suitable for both right and left-handed use.

With the seat folded down, the depth of the chair is only 44.5 cm (68 cm with the Wrimatic™ folded out), which still provides ample circulation aisles. The seat is folded by gravity and silently by means of a maintenance-free mechanism.
Designed by an aeronautical engineer, Wrimatic™ is the only folding writing stand tested to withstand a load of 240 kg. Its fixing and folding mechanism is based on a triangular “prismoid” swivel joint, made of stainless steel. The rest of the elements that make up its support are made of cast aluminum. The folding is performed manually in a smooth and continuous movement. The support surface is made of ABS and has a thickness of 10 mm. This material is highly resistant to impact, heat and scratches.

It can be installed individually or in benches, either fixed to the floor or to the front of the grandstand. It can also be installed in straight rows or curved rows.
A very good option for those spaces in which a simple and elegant option is sought, with high performance in terms of comfort.

This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, to ensure the closing of the materials cycle, each and every element used in its manufacture can be recycled separately, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

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