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This seat for general areas in movie theaters stands out for its elegance and stylized lines. Designed to optimize to the maximum the capacity of the rooms, it includes in its design each and every one of the features that customer and user are looking for in a seat of these characteristics.

It can be installed with axle widths ranging from 58.5 to 61 cm, which makes it possible to optimize the capacity of movie theaters to the maximum. The depth of the seat with the seat folded down is 80 cm.
A very comfortable seat, thanks to its dimensions and the ergonomic design of the seat and backrest, with lumbar support and headrest, and a wide and comfortable armrest.

This seat is available in the following versions:
– With fixed seat and backrest.
– With double seats, without intermediate armrests or with folding intermediate armrests.
– With shared armrests or double armrests.

Improving its basic features, this chair can be equipped with:

– The Glide system. An innovative mechanism that allows the viewer to slide the backrest into a reclining position, in an instinctive and natural movement, which does not require motors, and when the viewer rises, the backrest returns to its initial position automatically.
– The incorporation of motorized backrest and footrest, controlled from a console integrated in the armrest of the seat.
– Automatic return sensor for automatic folding of the footrest and backrest when the spectator gets up.
– Different types of rotating tables.
– USB connectors for charging cell phones
– Custom stitching
– Embroidery on seat and backrest.

This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, to ensure the closing of the materials cycle, each and every element used in its manufacture can be recycled separately, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

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