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Designed to be installed on telescopic platforms in heavy-duty installations, the Vision seat model, is made of blow-molded polyethylene, and offers a perfect combination of comfort, strength and easy maintenance.
In a closed position, the envelope is only 17.5 cm, which provides extra wide aisles and facilitates circulation between rows. Even in this dimension it provides a high degree of comfort, thanks to the different materials used in its manufacture and its ergonomic shapes.
The attachment of the seat and backrest assembly to the support bar allows this seat to be installed with variable widths between axles, from 48 to 61 cm. A folding armrest is mounted on the side made of cast aluminum.

Its minimum dimensions allow it to be installed in fixed spaces or multifunctional spaces where it is intended to free up the space occupied by the seats:
– On telescopic platforms with standards adapted to a system that folds into the platforms risers.
– With the MATRIX system of self-supporting feet and transport and storage trolleys that allow quick assembly and disassembly of the seats.
– On the K-Roll, a system of tandem mounted seats with feet that incorporate retractable wheels that allow a 360º movement out of a room, through standard size doorways and narrow pathways.
Improving its performance, both aesthetically and in terms of comfort, this seat can incorporate on set upholstered seat and back cushions.

This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles. In addition, to ensure the closing of the materials cycle, each and every element used in its manufacture can be recycled separately, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

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