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Introducing “Concerto,” a chair suitable for music halls that require moderate reverberation time. It is designed to minimize the difference in sound absorption between when the chair is occupied and unoccupied. Developed with the extensive use of natural wood, Concerto is named after the musical term “concerto” and is ideal for halls that value harmony and optimal rehearsals. The design of the chair focuses on the comfort of the seating experience, with cushioning that follows the human spine line for long-lasting comfort. The armrests are made of natural wood and feature a stylish design with an indentation for conductor-like gestures. The seat uses mold urethane that is resistant to deformation and durable metal springs to evenly distribute body pressure, making it a suitable product for music and concert halls that require optimal reverberation time. Additionally, the chair is equipped with Kotobuki’s silent tip-up system that keeps the hall quiet and comfortable by preventing noise from vibration and impact when leaving the seat.

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