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The first model of a family of fixed theatre seats designed with elevated aesthetics, comfort and versatility. Environmentally responsible materials have been used in the manufacture of the seats This chair is designed to meet the standard of theaters and halls, featuring a natural wood backrest and a wrapped cushioned seat. It has a proven track record as a classic theater seat used in school auditoriums and halls. The cushion is made of improved wavy springs and high-density molded urethane foam to provide a comfortable and durable seating experience, while the backrest and seat cushions are curved to fit the human body shape. The chair comes in two types, low back and high back, with the latter being designed for second-floor or higher seating. It is customizable to fit different spaces, with options to choose a desk or not, and to change the seat back’s decorative panel from veneer to other materials. The high back type also serves as a barrier to prevent falls from stairs.

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