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Fukuyama IMAX Theater

Location: Shinmichinoue, Kannabe-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima 

Owner: Furek
Renovation: November 2015
Seats: 262


The “Fukuyama Egaru 8 Cinemas” cinema in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, was reopened in November 2015. The IMAX Digital Theatre was introduced for the first time in the Chugoku region. IMAX Digital Theatre is a theatre in which the design of the IMAX video, audio and theatre space is customized to the highest quality using the latest IMAX technology. 

Not only movie fans, but also movie makers have gained a great deal of support. With realistic images, powerful sounds, and 3D images that you can see on a big screen, it is gaining popularity because you can experience it as if you were in the world of cinema. Kotobuki has delivered 262 cinema seats to Cinema 4. A cinema seat with a spacious size from Quinette Gallay group company. It has a distinctive design shape that distinguishes it from other cinema complexes. The seat numbers are embroidered and are reminiscent of foreign cinemas. 

The width of the chairs is 1150 mm, which is a spacious passage width that makes it easy to pass through. The premium seat is a luxurious high-back type that not only has the width of the seat but also the height of the chair, so you can enjoy watching movies for a long time without your neck getting tired.