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Kyoto International Conference Center

Location: Iwakura Osagicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

Owner: Kyoto International Conference Center
Renovation: March 1966
Seats: 1.840


Established in 1966, the Kyoto International Conference Center is the first and only nationally-owned international conference center in Japan. Ever since it opened it has served as the venue for many major national and international conferences, giving its name to the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted there during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Chang. 

Kotobuki Seating replaced the fabric on the seats in the Main Hall of the Kyoto International Conference Center. The Main Hall is in regular use and so it was necessary to carry out the work in stages. This allowed the refurbishment to be completed without the need of closing the facility for an extended period. 

The seating in the Main Hall was produced during the 1960s. This was a period when many excellent products were developed in Japan and we, at Kotobuki Seating, worked in collaboration with various designers and architects to introduce numerous FRP products to the world. 

The fact that the same chairs have remained in use since the building was opened reflects well on their durability and modern design. Unless the FRP shell of this product becomes damaged, regular maintenance of the cushions and cover fabric will ensure its durability, extending its lifetime for many years to come. 

Although production of this chair has been discontinued, from a design perspective, it remains a valuable product.