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Yebisu Garden Cinema

Location: Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Owner: Sapporo Real Estate Development
Renovation: March 2015
Seats: 280


“YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA was born in Yebisu Garden Place. It has been four years since the old Yebisu Garden Cinema closed. It is showing a new appearance as a stylish and comfortable cinema suitable for this corner.Kotobuki delivered a total of 280 seats on two screens. Compared to the seats in the old cinema, the façade is 5 cm wider and the height is 15 cm higher. The cinema seat, which is one head bigger, wraps around your body and provides a stable seating comfort. In the audience seats on the two screens, “CINEMA 1” is a black upholstery with a chic ambience, and “CINEMA 2” is colored with a bright red upholstery. Private seating is also installed in “CINEMA 1”. Luggage storage is also provided in this seat, where your elbows do not collide with those of your neighbors. In addition, the staggered layout makes it easier to see the screen from the rear seats.YEBISU GARDEN CINEMA has the concept of “& CINEMA-Let’s find a new way to enjoy a movie theatre with the city with all five senses”. We will give life to Ebisu city as a place to spread information about new culture and art.