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Nagoya Dome

Location: Daikominami, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City,

Owner: Domo Co., Ltd. of Nagoya
Architect: Takenaka Corp.
Renovation: March 2013
Seats: 38.200


As of 2013, an executive area has been newly established in the Nagoya Dome of the Chunichi Dragons. The executive area is a season seat behind the back net. A partition is also set up surrounding the area, giving it a special seating presence.

Kotobuki Seating delivered platinum seats (around 2000 seats) and diamond seats (around 900 seats).

Platinum seats are special luxury seats with a panoramic view of the entire dome. You can overlook the game from behind the back net and enjoy the whereabouts of victory and defeat. A material with excellent cushioning is added to the back seat of the existing seat to create a rich appearance of higher quality.

The diamond seat uses urethane foam cushions in the back seat, so you can concentrate on the game without feeling tired from your posture or from sitting for a long time. The height is also increased by 85mm from the conventional seat, and it is a great attraction that you can comfortably lay your body down. It is an irresistible premium seat for baseball lovers.