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The FT 12 WRIMATIC Seat was developed to be used in auditoriums and conference rooms where comfort, functionality, ergonomics and design versatility are characteristics that are important in the choice of the seat in which these spaces should be equipped. This model is widely used in lecture halls and corporate auditoriums.

The ergonomic shapes of the seat and backrest, and especially the lumbar support, provides the user with a fit that corrects human scale posture. Over a day of use the user will experience a high degree of comfort. In the standard version, the backrest is 89 cm high.

The seat is made of an inner structure of 19x 19×1.6mm this. It consists of 2 separate pieces of foam. Both the foam and frame can be easily separable for recycling.
The seats are covered with upholstery that meets CAL 117 or CAL 133 fire standards, and easy to replace for the maintenance of the seat as necessary.

The seat is folded by gravity tip up and silently.

With the incorporation of the Wrimatic writing desk, the FT-12 is a very good alternative to other educational seating offerings. Wrimatic provides the user with a large and rigid dual rotation retractable tablet of 300 x 425 mm, which supports laptops and tablets in a very useful way. Due to the size of the tablet which spans the width of a standard chair, it is suitable for use by both right-handed and left-handed users.

Designed by an aeronautical engineer, Wrimatic™ is the only folding writing stand tested to withstand a load of 240 kg. Its fastening and folding mechanism is based on a triangular “prismoid” swivel joint, made of stainless steel. The rest of the elements that make up its support are made of cast aluminum. The folding is performed manually in a smooth and continuous movement. The support surface is made of ABS and has a thickness of 10 mm. This material is highly resistant to impact, heat and scratches.


The minimum distance between axes is only 510 mm, but the FT 12 model can also be installed at 535, 560, 585 and 610 mm, offering a wide range of possibilities in adapting to each space.

It can be installed in layouts with straight rows or curved rows.
The versatility that characterizes its design allows, as with this model, can be expanded with the incorporation of the options listed:

– Individual or shared armrest.
– Side panel upholstered armrest.
– Power and data outlets.



This product allows the use of upholstery woven with polyester yarns made from recycled PET bottles.


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