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The TS-11 chair is a modern and simple seat designed for theaters and halls, featuring a straight-lined design that offers a sharp impression. Unlike traditional theater chairs with rounded designs, the TS-11 has a flat wooden board for the backrest, and a unique design where the edges of the wooden parts are not visible from the front, giving the impression that the backrest is wrapped around the seat. The chair uses natural wood to provide a luxurious touch to the armrests and backrest, and a steel frame for the legs. The TS-11’s cushioning system is based on ergonomics, with a molded urethane and metal spring combination that offers even pressure distribution and is resistant to deformation. The chair is equipped with an automatic slow-rising system that returns the seat to its original position when vacated, preventing collisions and preserving the tranquil atmosphere of the hall. The chair is customizable with a choice of seven natural wood colors and four upholstery options to allow for greater design freedom. The TS-11 chair is suitable for music and concert halls that require moderate reverberation times.

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